by Suz

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Believe me, I *tried* to work on a certain WiP...set any time after episode twelve of season six. Extremely short, and not intended to offend anyone.


There’s not much he believes in.

Some people believe too much. He’s seen it way too many times on their trips through the gate – some race of idiots stupidly worshipping what is usually an alien with an ego complex (he’s still undecided about the Asgard), willing to do anything just so long as they can *believe*.

But it’s not just limited to alien worlds. He’s seen it on Earth, too.

People frantically, desperately, clutching at something or someone to believe it, having faith in the thought that the point of life is to look beyond life. That the point of life is, frankly, death.

That’s nuts to him. The point of life is *life*. Of living, breathing, acting, moving, humming, trying, of existing in every single moment – even if it’s just watching television. Some people moan that’s not really living, but if you’re enjoying it, how can it not be?

Hey, if people want to believe that stuff and they’re not hurting anyone over it, he’s not going to argue with them – he just thinks they’re kidding themselves, waiting until death before they really start living. But again, if they’re enjoying that belief, maybe it’s enough.

And him?

He believes the Goa’uld will be defeated, because there’s no other choice.

He believes The Simpsons will go on forever.

He believes that Teal’c has always secretly known everything.

He believes that Jonas might – just might – fit in one day.

He believes that Daniel, even when ascended, will find a way to get into trouble.

He believes Cassie’s boyfriend needs a good pounding.

He believes Fraiser is quite capable of giving that pounding – or at least lots of scary looks with equally scary needles.

He believes that if Jacob ever seriously realised how he felt about his daughter, he’d get his ass soundly kicked.

He wants to believe the good guys will always win, because he’s seen too many trashy movies.

But most of all, as she tells him that the Earth is about to be destroyed, he believes in her.

She turns towards him, deep in the bowels of the SGC, and tells him there’s nothing she can do. There’s nothing anyone can do.

And he’s calm. He looks at Hammond, he looks at his team, he looks at her, and he’s calm.

She’s not; blue eyes wider than they ever have been, fear stamped across her face.

But he is.

She’ll fix it. She always has done.

He smiles, shrugging, absolutely certain. Probably looking like a lunatic.

She’ll fix-


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