Things Not Done - Part 5
by Suz

Disclaimer - MGM/Gekko/Double Secret own them. I don't.

Spoilers for 'Bloodlines', 'Fire and Water', 'In The Line of Duty', 'The Tok'ra, Part 1' and 'Divide and Conquer'. General Tok'ra spoilers. For the record, this is set after 'Entity' but before 'Exodus'.

Use of {} indicates memories.


"Absolutely amazing," Janet breathed, obviously still in awe of what had happened.

Daniel found it quite disconcerting. Blinking as once again she shone that penlight that was permanently attached to her hand in his eye, he sighed audibly. He should have been happier - if he stayed as he was, he'd never have to wear glasses ever again. Not only that, but this was a fantastic discovery. The kind of discovery that he usually became obsessed with, the kind that ended up with him drinking too much caffeine and annoying his friends.

But after everything that had happened lately - especially to Jack - he didn't feel as if he should deserve this good fortune. From what Janet said he knew that Jack was going to be okay - thank God - but the fact remained he was sitting here with his newly-improved eyes, while both Jack and Teal'c remained unconscious.

And how could Teal'c's symbiote just vanish? How was that possible? How was any of that possible?

He was going to find out.

"Daniel?" Janet asked, having switched off the penlight and shoving it back in her jacket pocket.


"Are you all right?"

Shaking his head, he drew himself out of his thoughts. "What? Oh, sorry." Attempting a small smile, he shook his head. "Just a little depressed I suppose. Here I am with this wonderful new gift...and Jack and Teal'c are still out cold."

Smiling indulgently, she briefly patted him on the shoulder. "Always more worried about everyone else than yourself. You know, there's nothing wrong with being selfish every now and then."

"Really?" Why was she standing so close? Was she leaning towards him?

"Just don't make a habit out of it," She smirked.

No, he had to be imagining things. She wasn't any closer. Maybe it was his new eyes.

Sam walked back into the infirmary then, several sheets of paper in her hand, having disappeared a couple of hours ago to 'work on something'. "Daniel, how are you feeling?"

He shrugged. "Fine,"

She looked at the doctor. "Janet?"

"He should be feeling much better than 'fine'. From the tests I've been able to run here his eyes are showing no indication of any kind of deviation that would require glasses."

Daniel perked up a little bit. "So I have 20/20 vision?"

"Well, for a more thorough examination you'd have to see an expert in this area, but," Janet hesitated "I'd say it's even more than that."

"Is that possible?" He asked incredulously.

"That's what I've just been finding out," Sam replied, holding out the papers for him. "I did some research while Janet was running her tests. According to what I found on the Internet, there are a group of scientists based in Arizona who are working with using corrective laser technology to improve normal human eyesight by up to four times. Now the work is still largely experimental, but about five per cent of the population are actually born with this ‘super vision’ naturally. It at least proves that it is possible."

"Can we reverse it?" Janet asked. "Not to worry Dr Jackson, but if for some reason we had to, would we be able to?"

"Well, while the result may be the same or similar to what the scientists are trying to achieve, the method is completely different. To be honest I don't think the Constructor is something we should be messing with, considering what it's done already."

"And what about those NID guys?" Daniel volunteered. "If they find out about something that powerful, they're gonna want to get their hands on it."

"I'm sure General Hammond will do everything he can to cover it up."

"I know he'll do his best Sam, but...Teal'c losing his symbiote? Jack getting cured? My eyesight may not sound so miraculous in comparison, but do you really think he can hide this?"

She shrugged. "He managed to keep my Jolinar experience covered up."

He sighed. "I guess."

Something groaned. It took them several seconds to realise it was Teal'c. Anticipating that he would have the same reaction everyone else had when they'd woken up; Janet had regretfully placed him in restraints. There was no way they'd be able to hold him down otherwise.

They rushed over to him.

"Keep your distance," Janet warned. "Just until he's fully awake."

Frustrated, Daniel nonetheless agreed.

Teal'c started screaming in moments.

Desperate to form some kind of connection, to let the Jaffa know he was here even though he couldn't touch him, Daniel shouted his name. "Teal'c!"

He didn't hear, straining against his confines. "Ryac! Ryac! O'Neill! Daniel Jackson! Major Carter!"


"Daniel Jackson!"


He fell silent suddenly, worrying the archaeologist for a few seconds. When he had apparently regained control, he spoke quietly. "Daniel Jackson?"

"Yes, Teal'c!" Without waiting for Janet's consent, he rushed over to his friend's side and immediately began undoing the restraints. "It's okay, you're okay."

Janet zoomed in, producing that penlight. "How are you feeling, Teal'c?"

"Strange," He responded. "The others?"

Sam answered. "Connor and Poupart have been given a full bill of health. Anise has gone back to Vorash."


Seeing her smile, Daniel felt his own smile forming in return.

"Unconscious," She admitted "But it looks like he's going to be fine."

"I am relieved," Closing his eyes, he soon frowned. "There is something...different."

"Yes Teal'c," Janet held his hand and his gaze, knowing this would be bizarre news. "I know this seems impossible, but your symbiote is gone."

He didn't look surprised. He simply continued frowning. "Yes. I could feel it was gone, although in a different way than I have experienced before. Why have I not fallen ill?"

Daniel matched Teal'c frown for frown as Janet continued.

"Your pouch is gone too. In fact, it seems as if you're now completely human."

It was clear the former Jaffa didn't believe Janet would lie, but his eyes did widen and his right hand moved under the covers - no doubt to feel for his pouch. Astounded when he didn't find it, he gaped at them. "It is gone?"

Daniel nodded. "It's gone, Teal'c."

He tipped his head back onto his pillow, one of his too rare smiles making an appearance. "This is wonderful news."


So Teal'c was happy then.

Sam grinned as the Jaffa smiled again. He was obviously delighted. He had finally been freed from his keeper. Although he had left the service of Apophis many years ago, he was still under the service of his symbiote in a particular way - eventually the symbiote would have matured and taken the life of someone, perhaps himself, to survive.

That wouldn't happen now. He was completely free, not beholden to anything.

She was delighted for him, she really was. She watched him from her chair next to the colonel's bed. He and Daniel were discussing the wonder of it, as well as Daniel's amazing new eyes. The archaeologist kept telling Teal'c to ask him to read something really far away, which was no doubt annoying Teal'c but the Jaffa...former Jaffa was humouring him. He'd always been good at doing that.

A cup of coffee appeared under her nose.

Sam's gaze looked at the hand that held it then followed up the arm to the familiar face smiling at her. "Thanks," Taking the cup, she sniffed the contents deeply.

"How are you doing?" Janet asked, pulling up a chair next to hers.

"All right," She nodded, really realising that for the first time in a very long time she actually was. Holding the cup in both hands, she looked down at it. "I just wish he would wake up." Okay, maybe she wasn't *completely* all right. But she was getting there.

"He will," Janet assured her. "That I can promise."

Sam smiled, tired. "I know. It's just," She shrugged, annoyed. "We never get a break, you know? Something always happens to one of us."


Not liking the implication in her tone of voice, Sam corrected her. "SG-1. Us. All of us."

"Ah. I see."


"I didn't say anything!"

"You didn't have to. It's in your tone of voice."

"I wasn't doing anything with my tone of voice."


"Sam, you're imagining things. Frankly I think you're getting too paranoid. Now I wonder why that would be...?"

Okay, *now* she was making fun of her. "Janet..."

The Doctor laughed.

Sam found herself grinning again. "Stop it. I'm trying to be serious here."

"You've been serious for entirely too long. You know better than anyone that he," She nodded towards O'Neill. "Would be the first one to tell you that."

She had to admit it was true. Looking at him again, she sighed. "He's always been there," She murmured, unaware that she had spoken aloud.

But it was true. He always had been.

{"Carter. Carter. Sam?"}

{Someone was touching her shoulder. It wasn't Cassie this time; this hand was bigger, harder. It pulled at her and she half-resisted, half-moved with it. When she had turned far enough she saw who it was.}

{{"-a friend."}}

{There it was again. Ever since it had happened, whenever she saw his face there was a sudden jolt of...something. She didn't know what it was. Almost like recognition, but that made no sense because of course she recognised him. Of course she knew him. "Sir," Shit. Even she had to admit she sounded pretty damn awful.}

{He gave no indication that he heard how terrible she sounded. His expression lightened, although he didn't quite smile. "It's done."}

(Wow. That was fast. "Already?"}

{His cockiness beat down his concern for a few moments. "Sure. You're dealing with an expedient service kind of guy."}

{Had the situation been different, she knew she would have smiled. "Thank you."}

{O'Neill didn't seem ready to accept her thanks. "Do you need help getting up?"}

{She could tell from his expression that he knew she hated relying on anyone, that she wanted to be able to do everything herself. But she would need help. Besides, after everything that had happened feeling helpless was the least of her concerns. She'd dealt with that days ago. "Please,"}

{Nodding, he waited until she sat up and moved as much as she could, then he put his right arm around her shoulders and helped her stand.}

{Her knees almost buckled. He grabbed onto her tighter, stopping her from falling. God, she felt so weak...}

{"Careful," He murmured. "Can you walk?"}

{She knew, without asking, that he would carry her. She was almost regretful for what she was about to say. "Yeah. I can make it. Let's just go slow."}

{"No argument there,"}

{She could feel his grin against her hair. They began their journey. Step by step, moment by moment, carefully shuffling out of the infirmary and into the corridor. She felt exhausted already. Keep awake, she had to stay awake. "How'd you get rid of Dr Fraiser?"}

{"Oh we have our ways," He drawled, almost shrugging.}

{"Like...?" She desperately needed the distraction.}

{He was happy to provide it. "Well it seems poor Daniel's suffered a severe allergy attack."}

{From his tone of voice alone she knew it wasn't serious. "How did that happen?"}

{"I suppose it could have something to do with the large quantity of flowers that suddenly appeared in his office."}

{"You didn't..." He couldn't have. Not really. Could he?}

{"Apparently they're also flowers that release huge amounts of pollen. Do you think that's a problem?"}

{Okay, he was joking now. He had to be. That could do some serious damage. "Oh I'm sure it's no problem at all."}

{He nodded. "Good. Glad to have your expert opinion on that one Captain."}

{Their destination wasn't far. On the same level, just a few turns and corridors away, but because of her condition it was taking them much longer than it would have normally. They managed to keep up their banter, and it was only when they were almost there that she realised she hadn't seen a single other person. No one at all. Which was more than a little strange. "Is it possible that you had everyone cleared from this level?"}

{He looked embarrassed. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Oh! Look! Here we are."}

{Here they were. Any thoughts of bantering fled. Here they were. She stared at the double doors, as his hand reached out and grabbed a handle, then paused. He was waiting, she realised. Waiting for her to say she was ready. She nodded once. He swung the door open.}

{It was always too dark in these places. There was plenty of light - the overheads were on, the light from the corridor followed them in - but it was always too dark in these places.}

{They walked in slowly; the doors flapping shut behind them.}

{She stopped. There. Right there.}

{Licking her lips, she then set her jaw in determination and moved towards it. He was by her side the entire time.}

{And they were there, suddenly, and she was looking down at it.}

{Making sure she could stand by herself, he moved to release her but realised he couldn't. They both looked down. While his right arm had gone around her shoulder, his left had crossed over himself and rested against her stomach. Her right hand clutched onto it. Shaking her head, she let go.}

{He moved away gently. "Do you...want me to..." He nodded towards the sheet.}

{No. "No." No. "No, it's all right. I can do it." She knew without looking that he was nodding.}

{"Do you want me to...leave, stay, what?"}

{She actually managed a smile. It was small, microscopic probably, but it was there. "Stay," She whispered.}

{And there was silence then. She continued staring at the sheet, frowning, for several minutes before eventually reaching out, grabbing a handful of the sheet, and pulling it off.}

{It wasn't the first time she had seen a dead body, not by a long way. It also wasn't the first time she'd seen a body after it had been through an autopsy. Of course, they'd been all too eager to get their hands on him. See his insides; see what was in his head-oh God she was sobbing.}


{That was why she was here, now. They were going to take the body away. They were going to run tests and dissect and experiment, but before that happened...before that happened. She had to see him. Had to see the murderer.}


{So the Colonel had arranged this.}

{So she could see him again. The man...the thing that almost killed her. The thing that did kill what was in her head.}

{And suddenly she hated him, hated him with a fury she had never known, never thought herself capable of and all she wanted to do was hurt him and hurt him and hurt him-}


{She was crying, great heaving sobs that shook her entire body as his arms went around her and they were on the floor holding each other, holding each other, just holding on.}

{"I'm sorry," He whispered frantically, his head against her shoulder. "I'm so sorry I couldn't help you. I'm so sorry I couldn't stop it."}

{Not his fault. Not his fault. She clutched at him harder, knowing it probably wasn't appropriate and holding harder anyway, grabbing great handfuls of his top just to feel something, just to really feel something.}



"Earth to Sam, hello?"

She was suddenly jerked back to the present, almost spilling her coffee in the process. "What?"

Janet was frowning at her. "Are you okay? You were staring at the colonel with the strangest expression on your face."

{When it was over - quite some time later - he helped her stand.}

"I'm okay,"

{"Can you get Teal'c for me?"}

"You sure?"

{"What for?"}


{"So I can thank him."}


{"Sir!" She couldn't stop the amount of surprise from making an appearance in her voice because frankly, she was surprised. What the hell was he doing here?}

{"Carter," He greeted, looking decidedly nervous.}

{Sam frowned, curiosity quickly replaced with concern. "Are you all right?"}

{He shook the idea off as if it were silly. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. It's just...can I come in?"}

{In response she opened the door wider and he stepped in. This was the first time he'd been to her house alone. He and the guys had been here a couple of times, but mostly they seemed to end up at his or Daniel's. She wasn't sure why.}

{She wasn't sure what to say, either. "Do you...want a drink or something?"}

{He shrugged. "Uh...nah, I'm fine thanks."}

{They stood just nodding at each other for a while. After a couple of minutes she felt like her head was about to bob away from her neck. It was clear she was going to have to take the lead - even though she had no idea why he was here. "Come on," She said, turning away and walking into the living room.}

{He dutifully followed, and soon they were sitting down - she on a comfy chair, he on the edge of the sofa placed opposite. He launched right into it then: "How you doing, Sam?"}


{"In general. How are you doing?"}

{"Okay sir." What else was she supposed to say? "You?" God, this was bizarre.}

{Again, he shrugged her question off. "Fine, fine." Sighing, he rubbed a hand over his hair before flopping back against the sofa. He was still stressed about something, but his body had lost most of its tension. "How are you doing with the Goa'uld thing?"}

{Ah. "Tok'ra, sir." She corrected.}

{"Yeah. Goa'uld, Tok'ra, whatever snake-type thing that was in your are you doing with that? That is, if you don't mind talking about it with me."}

{"Not at all," She replied immediately, not surprised when she realised it was the truth. Remembering when they first met, she was amused at how easy to talk to he’d turned out to be. "It's still hard, sometimes. Something can happen and I'm really not sure if it's me feeling the reaction or what there is of it still in my mind that's feeling it. You know?"}

{He nodded. "No. Sounds like it'd be confusing, though."}

{"It is," She quickly confirmed, smiling. "It can be quite disconcerting." That was putting it mildly. Her feelings of fondness for him had been steadily growing stronger, and she had been concerned for a few days that her reactions to him might become obviously more than friends. She'd been quite surprised - but also relieved - when she realised the 'extra' fondness for him was something that had been left behind by the Tok'ra. Naturally that didn't make any sense - how would the Tok'ra even know him? - but she put it down to a biological curiosity and quickly moved on.}

{"And the dreams," He continued. "Nightmares. Still having those?"}

{"Yes, but they're less frequent now. I probably have about one a week...and I wouldn't really classify them as nightmares. They're just very confusing." When he lifted his eyebrows in interest, she kept talking. "I keep getting flashes of what I presume are its memories. They don't make any sense and I don't see anything for longer than a couple of seconds...but my mind seems to be dragging things from my own life into it."}

{"Such as...?"}

{You. But she wasn't about to say that. "Oh, just people...I know." It was somewhat disconcerting that of all the things that could have kept appearing in its memories, it was him. But then the mind was a vast and complex thing and she'd just have to accept that this was one of its vagaries.}

{Uh hu.}

{"Sir, I have to ask...why are you here? Somehow I doubt you came here just to talk about this." He was concerned about her - that much was clear. He cared for all of his teammates, but he wouldn't suddenly turn up to talk about this, not without some kind of provocation. Something must have happened.}

{He looked down for a moment, as if considering something. "There's...been some discussion,"}

{"Discussion?" Oh God, they didn't think she was unfit for duty did they? She'd been back on duty these last few weeks but she'd had to endure psych tests and thorough physical examinations to make sure she was still capable of being a member of the SGC - especially SG-1. O'Neill had threatened to punch the lights out of anyone who said she wouldn't be rejoining the team, and although she didn't think he actually had to do it, it was a nice sentiment. If unnecessarily macho.}

{"I just wanna say that although I can see the potential benefits, I will completely understand and completely back you up if you don't want to do it."}

{This was driving her mad! "Do what?"}

{"Hammond...and I, have discussed the possibility of you exploiting whatever memories are left in your head by that Tok'ra."}

{Oh. That was it? She wasn't surprised by the request; in fact she'd been half expecting it. But, as she studied him, she could see he didn't like asking this. Of course. It was starting to make sense. He'd lost Skaara (although hopefully not forever) who for all intents and purposes represented his son, and Kawalsky - his best friend - to the Goa'uld. And now her, almost. Although it may have been a Tok'ra inside her instead of a Goa'uld, it had still taken control of her; had forced her to say and do things she would otherwise never say. He really was quite sweet sometimes.}

{"To be honest sir, I'm kind of surprised either of you didn't ask sooner."}

{He didn't really look shocked, more resigned. "Yeah, well Hammond wanted to ask you a while ago."}


{Again, he was looking embarrassed. "I knew it would be hard for anyone to deal with, so I figured you'd appreciate the extra time to get used to what happened. I know *I* wouldn't like having a snake in my head."}

("Thank you, sir. I appreciate that, but it's not necessary to protect me-"}

{"I wasn't-"}

{"I know you weren't saying that I'm not capable sir, I know you well enough to know *that*. It's just...this *thing* happened to me, and I'm dealing with it. But it's something that's going to a long time - not a few weeks or months." He really didn't look happy at that comment, so she made another one. "It does get easier every day."}


{Why did he look so vulnerable? "Yes sir. And it helps that I have you and the guys to talk to about it if I need to."}

{He tried to play down his importance, but she could tell it did his ego good. "Well, sure."}

{She grinned. "We're due to go to P2W 461 tomorrow, right?"}


{"If all goes well, when we get back we'll go about trying to figure out how to access the memories."}

{"Hypnosis?" He suggested. "It worked before..."}

{Sam shrugged. "Maybe, we'll see. But we will think of something."}

{He smiled fully, the first time he had completely relaxed since he turned up on her doorstep. "You always do."}

She woke to the sound of low murmurs and slow, comforting beeping. Flicking her eyelids open her eyes focused on the empty bed she was facing. Realising she had fallen asleep on one of the other spare beds, she carefully turned over to see what was happening.

Daniel had been released from the infirmary some time ago, although he had been asked to stay on base for the time being. As it was he spent most of his time in the infirmary anyway so he could be near Jack, Teal'c and - Sam suspected - Janet, too. There was definitely something going on there. She wasn't sure what, just that it was something.

At the moment he was sitting on a chair, reading through a variety of papers. Probably still trying to figure out the rest of the carvings.

Teal'c was awake and alert, although at Janet's instructions he was still in bed. He was talking quietly with General Hammond about something. The General had visited and left some time before she'd fallen asleep, so he must have returned again.

When she moved her gaze to the Colonel's bed, she understood why.

He was awake. He was awake and quietly joking with Janet.

She never thought she'd see that smile again.

In her eagerness to reach him, she almost fell flat on her face. Though her mind may have been awake, her body was only just catching up.

"Sam!" Janet cried out, rushing to offer aid.

"Fine, I'm fine," Sam muttered, a little embarrassed as she pushed herself up, well aware that he...that everyone was staring at her.

"You sure?"

"Why do you keep asking me that?"

"Because you give me good reason!"

"Yep," Jack butted in. "I'm really glad I woke up for this. There's nothing quite like seeing the two of you bicker."

She made it to his bedside without needing assistance. And she wasn't about to tell Janet that she thought she'd twisted her ankle. "How are you feeling?" Her body was almost humming. She wanted to reach out, just to touch him, just to make sure he was there.

She didn’t.

"Fantastic actually," He grinned. "I feel ready to get out of here and do the Time Warp but you know what Janet's like."

Teal'c voiced his opinion from the other side of the room. "Without Dr Fraiser's expertise, I do not believe you would have survived long enough to reach the device on the planet."

"Thank you Teal'c, I knew that. In fact, I've already thanked her." He looked back at Sam. "And I have to thank you."

"You do?"

"It was your idea to try using that Constructor thing. Without you, there's no way I would have made it."

"Without me you wouldn't have been in this mess in the first place."

He was having none of it. "Hey, I said it before: if it's anyone's fault it's Jolinar's, and you're not her. She may have given your brain a quick spring clean, but even despite everything that's happened, you're not her. Besides, you're much better company."

"Really?" Shit, she was so, so relieved. The hidden fear, the unspoken terror that maybe she'd be wrong, that maybe it wouldn't work, or that Janet was wrong and he'd never wake up...disappeared. He was here, he was back, and he was making stupid jokes.

She felt like crying.

"Sure. Jolinar was always a bit of a grouch."

Sam couldn't help it. "She kept good company then."


Carter faced the doctor. "Did he wake up the same way as everyone else?"

"Yes," She nodded. "We managed to subdue him quite quickly, mostly thanks to Mr Teal'c even though I told him several times *not* to get out of bed."

Teal'c didn't seem upset by the admonishment. "Would you prefer that he knock Daniel Jackson into unconsciousness?"

"Well obviously not-"

"Glad to hear it," Daniel piped up.


"I must have been really out of it to sleep through that."

"Did I ever mention how much you snore, Carter?"

"If I had not acted quickly Dr Fraiser, you may have had another patient in the infirmary."

"I for one am glad he acted so quickly."

"Well you were the one in a headlock, Daniel."

"I don't snore."

"Exactly. So I should be pleased that he acted so quickly."

"Sure you do. And you do this cute little snuggle thing, too."




"What is a snuggle?"

"Welcome back, SG-1."


"Come in,"

Janet immediately grabbed the handle, turned it, then swung open the door that lead to General Hammond's office.

She hadn't been summoned, exactly. Just before the General had left the infirmary - after Colonel O'Neill had woken up and Sam had fallen off her bed - he'd asked the doctor to come by his office when she had a moment.

So here she was, after all this time, having a moment.

Well aware of the exhaustion settling around her bones, she planted a smile on her face and peered into the room. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

He didn't look up from whatever paperwork he was studying. "Yes, come in Doctor, please. Take a seat."

Closing the door, she quickly did as he instructed and to keep her hands from moving nervously, she tightly grasped them together and placed them on her lap. She didn't actually know what this was about...but she had an idea. A vague concern. And she didn't know what she was going to say.

It took him a few seconds to finish looking over whatever he was looking over, then when he was done he lifted his head and smiled at her. It wasn't a full 'I'm about to laugh' smile, but it was a smile nonetheless. "How are they doing, Doctor?"

She didn't need to ask whom. "Okay, sir. So far they've all remained in very good health."


"Sir, I'm sure you would agree that it should be several weeks at least before they return to active duty. Perhaps some light work based in the SGC after the first week, but I don't want any of them going through that Stargate for the time being."

He nodded, the news apparently not unexpected. "I see."

She still felt the need to explain. "They have all undergone huge physical and psychological challenges. Not only do they need time to properly recuperate, but they also need to be thoroughly tested and examined before I can determine whether they should be considered fit to resume their duties as SG-1." She hated having to say that, but it was true. Officer, civilian or Jaffa - in this there was no difference. They all had to pass specific fitness levels. With the changes they had undergone, some of them might not be able to reach those levels. She was most concerned about Teal'c.

"I understand, Doctor."

Frowning, she concentrated on the stress lines in his forehead. She'd never really taken the time to consider how he was taking everything that had happened. He seemed above it somehow; but then she supposed he had to appear that way in order to effectively do his job. "How are you doing, sir?"

He looked surprised at the question. "Fine, thank you Doctor. Trying to keep all this under wraps," He indicated towards the vast array of paperwork that seemed to be multiplying on his desk even as they looked at it. "Is not easy. To be honest I'm not entirely sure I've succeeded."

Uh oh. That couldn't be good news. But... "Is that entirely legal?"

Hammond met her gaze. "No comment."

Ah. The less said about that the better.

"In any case," He continued, sighing. "If someone we don't want to find out about this does find out about this...we'll deal with that when the time comes. Besides, I have friends in high places."

Smirking, Janet glanced towards the phone. "Yes sir."

Nodding, he returned to business. "A couple of other things...I'd also like to make sure that you take some time off yourself as soon as possible."


"Doctor, you know better than anyone how SG-1 - not to mention the other teams - keep you on your toes more often than not. And, if SG-1 really are going to be off work for at least a week, I see no reason why you shouldn't take that time off either."

She couldn't deny that she felt like she needed it, she just wanted to stay near her patients. "Yes sir."

Falling silent once more, he stared at his hands - which were resting on his desk, fingers clasped together - for some time.


He looked up. "Doctor?"

"You said there were a 'couple' of things..." She let her sentence drift off, knowing he'd get the hint.

Sighing heavily, he sat further back in his chair. "Janet..."

Janet? This had to be serious. As far as she could remember, he'd never used her first name other than when introducing her to someone. "Yes?"

"I want to make sure that you realise what we're about to discuss is completely off the record. For now. It's just...two friends, having a talk."

"Does that mean I get to call you George?" Damn! Had she really said that? Although it had to be said, it was almost worth it just to see the expression currently appearing on his face. "Sir, I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to say that, but you try being trapped in the infirmary for hours on end with Colonel O'Neill."

Thankfully, he seemed to accept that explanation. Chuckling, he shook his head before growing sombre again.

She knew what was coming. She absolutely knew it now.

And she still didn't know what to say.

Or maybe she was wrong. Maybe it wasn't what she thought it was. Maybe she'd misread the situation or the subtle looks he'd been giving them since this began.

He began to speak. "The...situation regarding Colonel...involving Jack and Sam..."

Janet didn't mean to play dumb, she really didn't. "Situation?"

He stared at her.

So, *that* situation then. "Yes,"

"In your opinion, as their friend, do you think it's a problem?"

Shit! She didn't often use profanity, but of late she was using it a lot more than she was comfortable with - but she couldn't seem to help it. Fine, fine. The truth. "At the moment, no. I don't think they've really done anything that could be considered unprofessional, although I do have to admit that they've walked that line very finely." She didn't want to say that, but it was the truth. "They've certainly never meant to act unprofessionally."

"Sometimes that's not good enough," He responded, sounding quite depressed.

"I know." That was it. She needed a good shot of whisky. When she got home tonight she was going to send Cassie off to a friends house, dig out her favourite bottle of whisky, and have a good cry over something no one could change. Something so unfair.

But something they all understood.

And she knew that he felt as bad about this as she did. He may have been able to hide it better, but he felt it. And he was in a much more precarious situation than she was. If something did happen - whether they intended it to or not - and it came to light that Hammond knew before it happened that there was something going on...he could get into very serious trouble.

She knew regulations, understood them, appreciated them, sometimes even admired them...but they couldn't even have the same choices as anyone else. They didn't even have the right to *choose*.

"But," She paused, clearing her throat, fighting back the lump forming. "I will continue to monitor the situation if you want me to."

"Janet, I don't want you to spy on your friends."

"If I don't, it's only going to be someone else." Wouldn't it be better, being her? Someone who loved them, rather than someone not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Closing his eyes he rubbed his hand over them, stress evident. "We should be happier than this."


Lowering his hand, he looked at her. "They're all here. They're all in one piece. They're all in apparent good health. If all goes well they'll resume their duties as SG-1 and continue saving the world while they continue testing my patience."


"So we should be happier than this."


"He compared me to a *dog*?!"

The Colonel had heard then. Smiling to herself, Sam continued striding towards the infirmary, obviously the same place his voice had just echoed from.

"Jack, will you keep your voice down?!"

"Look who's talking,"

"Just...calm down." Daniel told him, although his tone of voice seemed to indicate that he knew there wouldn't be much chance of that.

Not ready to let them know she was there yet, Sam slowed her pace and crept quietly until she was standing just outside the infirmary. Carefully peering around the edge of the doorway, she was pleased to discover that she had an unobstructed view of them.

Jack was still lying in bed with Daniel was standing next to it. Teal'c was apparently asleep in his own bed, no doubt the reason Daniel had told Jack to shut up.

The archaeologist's request actually seemed to work. O'Neill settled down, although he did continue to speak. "He really compared me to a dog?"

"I'm pretty sure he only made the reference as a sign of affection, you know? Sam was kind of depressed and I think he was trying to cheer her up."

Jack's head shot up. "Really?"

"Yes. Thor's a lot more perceptive that he-"

"No, no I meant about Carter."

Okay, so this was the point where her conscience was starting to bother her. Still, she wasn't about to let them know she was here.

"Oh. Oh, yes she was worried about you. It was serious there for a while, Jack. Of course she was worried about you. We all were."

"Of course," He lowered his head again, frowning, absently rubbing at the back of his hand where the IV used to be.

It was obvious something was wrong. Sam leant imperceptibly closer, debating whether she should walk in or not. Problem was if she did announce her presence, she'd never get to hear the good stuff.

God, listen to her. What on Earth was she thinking? This was very unprofessional.



"What's wrong?" Daniel was a lot more perceptive than he looked, too.

"Oh it's just..." O'Neill tried to shrug it off - mentally and physically - but it was obvious to everyone watching that he wasn't succeeding. "It's nothing really it's just...I...sometimes I'm not sure."


He shrugged again. "Doesn't matter."

Ugh! That man needed to state clearly and precisely exactly what he wanted to say. This was driving her mad!

Daniel seemed to think the same thing. "Jack, do you have any idea how irritating that is?"


"You were about to tell me something then changed your mind. Just tell me. I'm your friend."

"I know Daniel, I do, it's just..." He thumped his head back on the wall his bed was pushed against. "It's difficult."

Surprised at the sudden movement, Daniel lifted his eyebrows. "What is?"

"*It*. Carter."

That surprised him. "Sam?"

Jack rubbed a hand over his face. "Shit, what am I doing...?"

Daniel may not have been there when it happened, but this was nothing she didn't already know. After the za'tarc incident she couldn't help but know it, but try as hard as she might to either ignore or accept whatever kind of feelings she may have in return for him, the fondness left over from Jolinar was stubbornly refusing to budge.

It had been that way, in the beginning, with Martouf. Whenever she had seen him there had been an overwhelming joy, a sense of unity, a sudden rush of pleasure.

It'd been incredibly hard not expressing any of that. Sometimes she wasn't sure she succeeded.

But as time went on, she became better at controlling it and bit by bit, the memories began to fade. They would never vanish completely and now, especially since he'd died-


-she didn't want them to.

It was just damned inconvenient sometimes.


She yelped. Sam Carter - theoretical astrophysicist - actually yelped. Spinning round she came face to face with Janet, who'd obviously been heading towards the infirmary.

She swore she could hear the sound of their heads turning towards the doorway. Shit...

This was why you should never eavesdrop.

So she started overcompensating. "Janet! Hi! I just arrived and was about to enter the infirmary myself."

Her friend clearly wasn't buying it. "Really? Then why were-"

"Let's go in, shall we?"

She swivelled away again, and walked purposefully into the infirmary. "Hi guys!" Keep grinning, keep grinning, and don't let them think for even a second that you know what they were talking about...

Ohhh, did they look nervous...

"Hey Sam,"


She came to a stop opposite Daniel. "Daniel, Colonel. How are you feeling?"


"Okay. Of course I'm going out of my *mind* with boredom. I'm so far gone that I'm contemplating letting Daniel further my Goa'uld vocabulary."

Janet stood next to Sam. "Sounds like a classic case of cabin fever."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, I'm releasing you from the infirmary."

"Woo hoo!"



She smiled patiently. "You're all officially off duty for the next week, and I am letting you off the base, but I still want the Colonel to report back to the infirmary at least once a day. I'll be off as well, so Dr MacKenzie will look you over."

He rolled his eyes, but accepted the terms. "Okay. What about Teal'c?"

Hesitating, she was obviously worried about him. "I'd like him to stay on the base, but as he pretty much lives here I don't think it'll be a problem."

Sam didn't like the sound of that. "Janet?"

The doctor shrugged. "He's...finding it difficult without his symbiote. He can't perform Kel'no'reem anymore, or at least not in the same way, and he's going to have to drastically change his diet. He's attempting to meditate at the moment."

Daniel had moved, and was waving his hand a few inches away from Teal'c's face. "Well I think he's succeeded."

"As for you, Dr Jackson..."

Daniel paused mid-wave and turned his head to look at her. "Me?"

"I don't want you driving, and I don't want you operating any dangerous machinery."

He stopped waving and stood up. "Well yes, because I always keep my electric blade saw going."

"I'm serious. We have no way of knowing if your eyes will suddenly revert back. I don't want you doing anything that could even be considered dangerous."

"Hell, picking flowers would end up being dangerous with Daniel."

"Thanks, Jack."

Sam looked back at O'Neill. "You already know some Goa'uld?" She'd had no idea.

"Sure." He grinned brightly. "Just wait until the next time we meet Apophis. That snake head is gonna have no idea what hit him."

"Or at least he'll wonder why you're obsessed with ordering a room that comes with its own shower."

"Shut up Daniel."


Okay, she was clearly missing something. "Shower?"

"I'll explain later. Could someone do me a favour and get me some clothes? I'd rather not walk out of here with my ass-"

"I'll go." Fraiser volunteered.

"-hanging out. Thanks,"

As she turned to walk away, Sam caught a glimpse of her face. Noticing that she looked distinctly unsettled, she touched her arm. "Janet, are you okay?"

Looking down at Sam's hand, Janet lifted her head and shrugged. "Fine. Just a little tired. This time off will be good for me."

"If you're sure...?"

"I am. Excuse me." She pulled away, and quickly left the infirmary.

Daniel cleared his throat. "I'll, uh..." He pointed after Janet. "" And he left too.

"Like rats from a sinking ship," Jack commented.

"Actually," She faced him again. "I think it's more like rats who don't want to be separated."

That one completely baffled him. "*What*?"

"Never mind," She smirked, deciding she didn't feel like discussing her theory at the moment.

A familiar nodding of heads moment occurred.

"Was there something you wanted, Carter?"

Actually, there was. Something else that was bugging her. "Funny you should ask that, sir." Grabbing a chair, she sat down next to him.


Okay. "General Hammond briefed me about what happened after you stepped through the Stargate and when you met Jolinar and how you met Thor and how you got home..."

"That's a lot of 'ands', Carter."

Grinning, she shook her head. "But there were no details. I have a few of them up here," She waved towards her head. "But not much that makes any sense and...I'd just like to know exactly what happened."

He smiled at her. "This is you and your insatiable curiosity thing, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so sir."

"Not again," He muttered, but she knew he was humouring her. "Okay," Jack sighed. "I guess you deserve to know."

"Thank you."

"It's quite a long story."

"I'll be able to pay attention."

"I may need water."

"I'll get it for you."

"I may need breaks."

"I'll break *something* if you don't tell me the story."

"Okay, take it easy. Scientists...all right. Once upon a time...oh stop making that face! Once upon a time, there was a roguishly handsome Colonel - stop laughing - who was a lot older than he is now. One night his 2IC flipped out, and as a result he ended up a million miles from home with a broken leg. Fortunately, when he opened his eyes, he discovered he'd been rescued by a woman with blonde hair and the second most beautiful pair of blue eyes in the entire universe..."


This was the life. Baggy jogging bottoms, an oversized mans shirt, floppy grey socks, and a bottle of whisky.

Not to mention the huge wads of junk food she was sitting amongst, or the video of cute guys playing on her television at the moment.

This was the life.

Hell, who was she kidding? She only did this for one of three reasons:

a) Girls night in.

a) PMS.

a) Depression.

The latter two weren't always mutually exclusive, but she knew which was one responsible for tonight's activities.

She hadn't touched the junk food, and she couldn't even be bothered to pay attention to the attractive male body jiggling around on her television screen.

In fact, the only thing she was paying attention to was the whisky. She wasn't drunk. Not yet. Just tipsy.

Her doorbell buzzed.

Sitting on the floor, surrounded by bowls of chips and sweets and ice cream, she tipped her head back until it reached the cushion of the sofa she was leaning on. "Please, please go away," She murmured. "I'm trapped behind a mountain of food and I'm not going anywhere."

No such luck. The doorbell buzzed again.

Janet groaned. "The spare key's under the loose floor tile!" She didn't care if it was a burglar. There was no way she was moving.

About a minute later, the key turned in the lock and the door opened. A familiar face stepped through, immediately chastising.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? What if I'd been a murderer?"

She was up and moving before he'd finished speaking, almost tripping over the bowl of Cheeto's. "Daniel, what are you doing here?! How did you get here?!" A sudden fear made her look around him and into the street outside. "You didn't drive did you?" She demanded, ready to kick his ass if he had.

"No, you told me not too." He replied calmly, closing the door and almost chopping her nose off in the process. "I got a cab."

"Oh. Good." Realising that she was still bending over and still looking for a street that was no longer there, she stood up. "So, what *are* you doing here?"

"Oh, I thought you might-"

A noise from the right distracted him. Turning towards the television he frowned and moved slowly towards it, stepping over the bowls. "Is that...?"

"Before he was famous, yeah." What was he doing here?

"Wow." He slowly angled his head to the right. "Is that even physically possible?"

"As a doctor, I'd have to say yes." What the hell was he doing here? "Although from the looks of things she's a very lucky woman."

His head tilted more. "Or talented."

"Daniel, what are you doing here?"

"Where's Cassie?" He asked suddenly, turning away from the television.

Janet shrugged. "At Marie's."



"So you're here. Alone."

What did that mean? "Well no. You're here now. I just sent Cassie off because I wanted a little time to myself."

He immediately looked apologetic. "I'm so sorry, I'll get out of your hair."

"Daniel, you don't have to leave," Just tell me what you're doing here!

It was too late. In his eagerness to give her a little space he clumsily headed towards the door, only to trip over one her many bowls of food. Watching him fall was like something out of a Jim Carrey movie.


He groaned into the carpet.

Falling to her knees beside him, she placed a hand on his back. "Where does it hurt?"

"Apart from the carpet burns?"

Relieved, she grinned. "Yes, apart from the carpet burns."

"My ankle."

Reaching the table next to the couch she switched the lamp on, illuminating the room. Shuffling to the other end of his body, she examined his foot.

"Well?" He asked. "How bad is it?"

"Ouch. I'd say...yes. It looks pretty much like your entire foot is covered in ice cream."

Chuckling, he planted the palms of his hands onto the carpet and began to push himself up. "What flavour?"

"Cookies and cream."

"Yum," He grunted, turning himself over as she carefully turned his ankle with him.

All joking aside, she smiled at him. "It's just a light sprain. Stay here, I'll get something for it." Placing his leg on the floor, she stood and headed into the kitchen.

She returned a few minutes later with her supplies.

"A bowl of water?" He asked, quite surprised.

"We need to get you cleaned up," Janet replied, trying not to think of the visual images those words implied. He did look...well, it wasn't often she saw him in jeans. Having moved the bowls out of the way, she placed a towel under his foot. Quickly wiping away the excess ice cream, she slowly undid the sneaker on his right foot (since when did he wear sneakers?) and carefully, ever so carefully, pulled it off. "Sorry," She murmured when he winced in pain.

"It's all right."

Peeling off his ice-cream coated sock came next. "I'll get this cleaned for you."

"It's not a problem."



"Thank you."

Touching the wet sock as little as possible, she flung it to one side, not bothering to look where it landed.

All came the foot cleaning part. Wasn't the first time she'd seen his foot - she was his doctor after all. Actually, she'd seen a lot more than his foot because she was his doctor after all, but she tried not to dwell on it too much. It would be rather unprofessional to drool over the man you were trying to help-


"Mmm?" He did have nice feet. Strong, muscular. Kind of like-

"You've been cleaning my foot for the last five minutes. I don't think there's any ice cream left that even Jack's well-tuned nose could find."

Her hand froze. How embarrassing. "Sorry. Guess my mind was wandering." Yes, and that's just the thing you want to admit.

Drying came next. She managed to accomplish that task much faster, then - training taking over - she wrapped his ankle up securely. Once it was done, she looked at him.

He was sitting up, staring at her, his head angled to one side as if she were extremely fascinating.

She was starting to get paranoid. "Done," She whispered, before clearing her throat and repeating the word with some semblance of normalcy.

"Thank you," Daniel replied sincerely.

And, for some bizarre reason, she couldn't look away.

The eye contact was just starting to get really interested when loud pants and moans started coming from the television.

That would be the sex scene then. Probably be a good idea to turn him-it, it, it off.

Didn’t she have a good reason for not getting involved with him? Oh yeah - she’d held his-




"Look I should go," He told her, then stood up refusing all offers of assistance. "Thanks for the ankle."

"Don't you want to call a cab?"

"I'll walk."

"With a twisted ankle?"

"I'll walk."

"With only one shoe on?"

"I'll walk." He began a slow but confident amble towards the door.

Damn! Something about this wasn't right. "You know you still haven't told me why you came."

His hand paused on the doorknob and he turned the top half his body around to face her. "I just...thought you might want to talk. You seemed depressed today. But you obviously want to be alone so-"

She kissed him.

His entire body sagged in shock for a moment, then his hand let go of the doorknob and he was kissing back. It was tentative for the first few seconds, then suddenly flared up and she couldn't get his clothes off fast enough.

Unfortunately, being particularly enthusiastic had its downside.

"Ankle, ankle!" He yelled, just before toppling over and dragging her with him.

Naturally, they landed amongst the freshly moved bowls.

She didn't stop laughing for five minutes, and though she knew she was never going to get the cookie dough out of her hair, she decided it was worth it.


"Do you want me to stay?"

"God, yes."

"Okay. But I have to ask..."


"Why did you say ‘appendix’?"


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