Voyager Pics

The EMH, standing to Chakotay's right, wonders what he finds so fascinating...

"Oh crap..."

"The sadist who invented see-through plastic should be killed..." (will only make sense if you've seen the ep).

Chakotay's eyes can't help but stray to a certain part of Kathryn's anatomy.

"Kathryn...seriously...what do you think of my cheek bones?"

The infamous hand-snatcher strikes again.

"Chakotay, are you *sure* these are the right movements to the Time Warp?"

"Maybe if we sneak away really, really quietly, they won't notice that we've gone."

Chakotay (thinking): Okay, okay. This will be no trouble at all. Just try not to think about how good her shoulders feel, or how wonderful her hair feels, or how terrific she smells...WHY did I volunteer for this?

He's fighting a losing battle.

A fanfic writers dream.

"The last thing I remember is drinking something Neelix"

"This is taking matchmaking to a new level."

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Unless otherwise indicated, all pictures are from the wonderful Voyager Photo Gallery. Thank you Joan!