season one

contains spoilers

Children of the Gods -
Sam gets sick, Daniel impersonates James Spader, Teal'c watches porn, and Jack says it with Kleenex. A normal day in the life of SG-1.

The Enemy Within -
Junior gets a second airing. Kawalsky gets strapped down. Sam gets a concussion.

Emancipation -
Involves one of the greatest mysteries of all time...just what the heck happened on P3X 595?

The Broca Divide -
Sam jumps Jack, Jack jumps Daniel, Daniel jumps Tuplo's daughter, and Teal'c's symbiote becomes a handy plot device. Gee, we'll certainly never see *that* again. Also a very important episode because it contains the first appearance of Janet.

The First Commandment -
The dad from 'Boy Meets World' turns nasty. The first in a long line of relationship disasters for a certain Sam Carter; 'And another one bites the dust'.

Cold Lazarus -
A duplicate of Jack seeks out his ex-wife - Sara O'Neill - in a bid to find Jack's dead son, Charlie. Meanwhile, this viewer can't help but notice the similarity between Sara and Sam.

The Nox -
Quark/Principal Snyder wears a really bad wig. And there's some invisible flying thing too. And Daniel's dead (staff weapon blast). Only he's not.

Brief Candle -
Jack gets the mother of all STDs. Sam tries not to say 'I told you so'.

Thor's Hammer -
James Earl Jones voices a badly dubbed Unas.

The Torment of Tantalus -
Daniel finds the gate was activated in 1945, leading to the discovery of a naked old guy and 'meaning of life' stuff. And Daniel nearly dies (building collapses). Only he doesn't.

Bloodlines -
Bra'tac kicks ass! SG-1 take part in the first annual Robes 'R Us sale.

Fire and Water -
Daniel's dead (burnt alive). Only he's not. Jack hugs Sam.

Hathor -
Hathor gives new meaning to the word 'halitosis'. Sam and Janet star in a 'women behind bars' movie. Daniel gets some.

Singularity -
Cassie gets a dog, and Niirti appears to be a man. Odd.

Cor-ai -
Jack is *not* what you'd call a diplomat - and he's done some damn distasteful things. Did I mention that Teal'c takes his clothes off?

Enigma -
Can't say anything bad about this; otherwise Anna'll have my hide. Sam kisses someone who isn't Jack.

Solitudes -
Sam plays with Jack's sidearm. Siler isn't Scotty, Geordi, OR B'Elanna.

Tin Man -
Not a single member of SG-1 has a pulse - which means Daniel doesn't have a pulse. Which means Daniel's dead. Only he's not.

There But For the Grace of God -
Sam and Jack are engaged! Did anything else happen in this episode? Oh - A/U Daniel is dead (blasted by ship from space). And he probably really is.

Politics -
Sam and Jack discover they were engaged. Hilarity ensues. Oh, and some senator guy shuts down the Stargate program. Sure. Whatever.

Within the Serpent's Grasp -
SG-1 leg it to where the Goa'uld are launching their attack from. Daniel nearly dies (ribbon device). Only he doesn't.

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