season six

contains spoilers

Redemption, Part 1 -
Teal'c beats the crap out of Jonas. Sam and Jack lift up to where they belong. Yet another member of SG-1 loses someone they're close to. Simmons returns! Eee! Jack talks about Sam's butt. Jonas likes eating - and the weather channel.

Redemption, Part 2 -
Hammond retires - and Jack is about to! *Then* Wesley saves the day, and we're understandably PO'd. Sam kisses someone who isn't Jack, but he's so cool that we really don't mind (bad shipper!). Jack has a difficult decision to make: a Russian or Jonas...hmm...

Descent -
The first annual SG-1 wet t-shirt competition is won by the new guy. Jack and Sam start dating (come on - why *else* does he have his hands all over her?). Davis gets off world (woo hoo!), Jacob gets shot (d'oh!), and discusses his 'favourite planet' (uh huh) with Jack. Jonas eats a banana - and suggests an alien conspiracy to Teal'c.

Frozen -
Jack does something for Sam he would never do for anyone else. Janet has a *fab* new haircut, and is it just us, or do she and Jonas look really good together...? Byers and Cosmo discover something amazing. Jonas eats crappy food - and channels Daniel.

Nightwalkers -
Sam's eyes glow, as she's wearing LEATHER PANTS!!! Frustratingly, Jack's not there to see it. In fact, everyone (including Teal'c) has great fashion sense. Jonas eats a LOT, sucks a lollipop - and calls Sam 'Sam'. Eeep!

Abyss (v.1) -
Jack gets body snatched, then tortured by the hottest guy on the face of the Earth. Uh...on Ba'al's planet, anyway. He realises that he 'loves' her (hee hee), and oh - some guy called 'Daniel' turns up...yeah, whatever.

Abyss (v.2, by SelDear) -
Daniel wants to give Jack a glow job, but Jack ain't having none of it.

Shadow Play -
Al leaps into the body of a crazy scientist. Jonas discovers you *can* go home again - though it may not be there for much longer.

The Other Guys -
Two Stargate fans - Harold and Dr Phlox - sneak onto the set and cause mayhem. Sam kisses someone else who isn't Jack; it's so funny that we don't mind (bad shipper!).

Allegiance -
Bra'tac kicks ass! Jacob has a heart to heart with his future son in law. Jack plays with his big gun, but not before he's TOTALLY checking out Sam! And OH MY GOD - the 'episode that shall never be mentioned' is SERIOUSLY mentioned! EEEE! (passes out)

Cure -
Jack and Sam are joined at the hip, and talk about sex (hee hee hee). Dr Da Vinci/B'Etor makes the ultimate sacrifice. Jonas yet again wins the wet t-shirt competition (okay, so he's the only entry, but who cares?). Some blonde hussy tries to make the moves on him. Oh, and Jack and Sam are joined at the hip. Or did we mention that?

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